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Monday January 28, 2019

Companies Launched Solo Corrective Actions while CPSC Was Inactive

CPSC's absence from the recall scene meant that some companies took such actions without the agency. The examples below are not intended to be exhaustive as they simply are those found by PSL, including by looking at other nations' recent recalls and checking for U.S. parallels.


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Indeed, if past trends are indicative, CPSC ought to have announced roughly 30 recalls in the five weeks since its last notice December 20. Its average for FY2017 and FY2018 was 323 per year or about six a week. But 30 is an educated guess because recalls can be reactive by nature, meaning the number can rise and fall week-to-week. Recent solo recalls:

  • Batteries: HP re-announced replacements for third-party lithium-ion units for laptops and mobile workstations. The problem is overheating. HP's notice ( included a link to CPSC's original release from a year ago. It knows of six U.S. incidents including one injury.

  • Bicycles: SRAM said it will buy back (depreciated) various Electra models but also said it will pay for repairs plus give consumers the buy-back difference. The problem is i-Motion 3 gear hubs with internal grease that can become sticky, risking brake failure. There have been at least four incidents in the U.S. with one injury. The company said ( it plans to work with CPSC (which typically wants refunds to be for full payment).

  • Drills: Stanley Black & Decker is repairing DeWalt DWD110 and DWD112 units due to wiring that can contact other parts. It said ( it reported to CPSC and will work with the agency on a press release.

  • Heating Pads: TJX used the typical CPSC recall press release format for its recall ( of Aroma Home Heated Hottie heating pads with USB connections. The concern is overheating although TJX said it knows of no incidents. It said it has notified the agency.

  • Trampolines: JumpSport is offering replacement instructions for its mini-trampolines (230f, 350f, 55f PRO, 55fi) because improper folding or unfolding risks consumers being struck by the frame. The company knows of at least eight incidents, including minor injuries such as cuts or bruises. Its press release ( asserts that the recall is in cooperation with CPSC.

  • ROVs: Polaris is offering repairs for RZR XP 4 Turbo S units because brake pad clips might not allow enough room between the pads and brake caliper mount. Its notice ( does not say if it knows of incidents.

  • Waffle Irons: Costco posted ( a Conair notice for Cuisinart vertical units, model WAF-V100PCC, due to concerns about inadequate electrical wire insulation. Costco will provide refunds.

Specialized also did a solo recall of Roubaix, Ruby, Diverge, and Sirrus bicycles (PSL, 1/21/19). The reason was steerer tube collars cracking due to corrosion.


Companies usually wait to negotiate the parameters and wording of recalls with CPSC. One reason is to ensure against having to go back and change something, especially the remedy. CPSC usually wants full refunds, free repairs, or free replacements.


Also, announcing with CPSC tends to get more attention than doing so alone.