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Encore Webinars from Product Safety Letter

Welcome to the Product Safety Letter encore webinar page. Below you'll find brief descriptions of some of our best webinars. These must-watch sessions are packed with valuable tips and insights to help any product safety professional stay on top of this complicated and evolving field.


To view an on-demand presentation of any of these webinars:

1. Click on the link (below each title) that reads, "For More Information and to Register Now."

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the description page, choose the "On Demand Webinar" option, and complete the registration form.


Prices are discounted to reflect the time since the original, live presentations.


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Recalls: What You Need to Do

Originally Presented May 19, 2015

For More Information and to Register Now -- $67

You need to know what goes into a recall. Your job and your company's security depend on it. To help you, Product Safety Letter presents a one-hour roundtable discussion by three top experts in planning and executing recalls.



You'll hear about:

  • Pre-Sale Preparedness: Making sure your company's general systems and processes can support a recall.
  • Pre-Recall Preparedness: Making sure your company has recall-specific plans and processes in place and is testing them to ensure they'll work.
  • Pitfall, Mistakes and Bad Luck: Knowing which problems are most likely to occur, how to avoid them, and what to do if they happen.
  • Realistic Expectations: Knowing if results are above or below the norm and what to do if it's the latter.
  • Post-Recall Preparedness: Understanding how to monitor, follow-up on, and taper a recall.




Green Chemistry: Product Safety Update

Originally Presented February 18, 2015

For More Information and to Register Now -- $67

Product safety increasingly overlaps with environmentalism and sustainability. Regulators at all levels are putting product ingredient rules in place that combine to make a baffling maze, especially where states - and even localities - are putting rules in place to fill what they see as gaps in federal oversight.


To help you excel in navigating these confusing and sometimes conflicting demands, PSL presents two experts in product safety regulations as applied to green chemistry, sustainability and other environmental mandates.





CPSC 2015: What to Watch Next Year

Originally Presented December 16, 2014

For More Information and to Register Now -- $67

There are lots of developments brewing at CPSC. Many are broad, involving issues like import surveillance, recalls, certification, and material ingredients. Some are product-specific but still can signal trends and precedents you need to understand - think of CPSC's ongoing work on issues like ROVs, window cords, and magnets.


To recognize how this churn of activity will matter, you need to identify where CPSC will be active and have insight into what it will mean. To help you, we've assembled three top CPSC watchers who will equip you with the intel to enter 2015 as savvy pro better able to inform, warn, or reassure your colleagues.





The Evolving CPSC- How Developments Affect You

Originally Presented May 20, 2014

For More Information and to Register Now -- $67

CPSC is going through changes in how it operates. On numerous fronts, from recalls to imports to legal actions and lots more, the agency is seeking to be a stronger, more vigorous regulator. Some call it overdue; some call it overkill. Whichever, you're going to have to deal with this emerging agency and its demands for years to come.

  • What do the changes mean to you?
  • Which should have you most worried?
  • How can you plan for them?

Product Safety Letter has assembled a panel of experts - all with decades of experience dealing with CPSC - who will look at the evolution of CPSC in recent years.





6(b) Information Disclosure – CPSC’s Coming Changes

Originally Presented March 19, 2014

For More Information and to Register Now -- $57

CPSC is altering its 6(b) regulations. This section of the Consumer Product Safety Act governs what information the agency can release about companies. Among the many changes:

  • Companies will bear more burdens in justifying their desires to block disclosure.
  • Companies could have a harder time keeping track of what CPSC releases.
  • CPSC will be freer to release certain categories of information.

What do these and other changes mean to you? Which should have you most worried? How can you plan for them? Product Safety Letter has assembled a panel of experts who will delve into these issues.





Working with Testing Labs – Lessons from the Trenches

Originally Presented November 13, 2013

For More Information and to Register Now -- $47

Working effectively with testing labs is becoming increasingly vital for consumer product companies. That trend is due to many factors like additional regulatory mandates in recent years and the increasing complexity of the global supply chain. Thus it is essential for manufacturers, retailers and importers to understand how to choose labs, to keep tabs on them, to know results can be trusted, to avoid common mistakes, to set realistic expectations, and more. Product Safety Letter has assembled a panel of top experts, each with decades of experience in making sure company-lab relationships are based on cooperation, trust, and frank honesty. These knowledgeable professionalswill give you their first-hand, from-the-trenches insights.