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Monday August 10, 2015

Kaye Poses Challenge for Product Safety Innovations





CPSC Chairman Elliot Kaye August 5 launched an effort that seeks solutions to eight product-safety areas. The release of the “Chairman’s Challenge” was scheduled to time with development of the Design for America fall curriculum, but eligibility goes beyond that program to anyone able to offer solutions. Selected ideas would receive public recognition and credit. Kaye writes, “Your ideas belong to you.”


The challenge lists numerous issues in each of the eight categories, but those are not a limit. Kaye explains, “Some topics might prompt you to re-frame a challenge to solve a safety problem that you have noticed, but may not be mentioned in this document. There are no rules for innovation.”


It also identifies each issue as belonging to one or more “challenge type”: mechanical, electrical, apps, chemical, and social science. The eight areas and a few examples of ideas (there are many more in the document) include:

  • Drowning: Pool covers with alternate uses when not in use, child-resistant pet doors, underwater pool-monitor drones.


  • Poisoning and Chemical Exposure: Generators that that cannot be operated inside or do not release CO.


  • Child Safety: Safety covers for cords on existing window covering, coin cell batteries that cannot be ingested.


  • Furniture and TVs: Anchoring systems that do not require tools to install or damage walls/floors.


  • Head/Brain Injury: Helmet designs that mitigate wearing them wrong, helmets that protect against concussion.


  • Fires: Systems that identify GFCI/AFCI locations, programs to increase motivation to invest in fire safety.


  • ATVs: Units that cannot carry two passengers easily, systems that detect use on paved surfaces and reduce speed.


  • Seniors: Sensors that detect falls and notify caregivers, storage devices that prevent eating spoiled food.

The document is at