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Monday October 01, 2018

Feldman Passes Two Senate Votes to Join CPSC Until 2026

The Senate September 25 confirmed Peter Feldman's nominations to join CPSC. The first, covering when he takes his seat until next October, passed by a bipartisan 80-19, but the second passed on a partisan 51-49. The reason for the latter result likely was a letter sent to the Senate by Consumers Union concerned about advise-and-consent process (see related story).


Given past timelines between approval and swearing in, there is a potential that Feldman might be at the commission in time for an October 3 briefing on CPSC's fireworks NPR. If not, he more likely might be in place in time for an October 10 decisional meeting on the FY2019 operating plan. Feldman will give the Republicans a 3-2 majority.


He is a former staffer on the Senate Commerce Committee, serving since 2011 and including working as senior counsel. He holds a 2010 law degree from American University, Washington, D.C., and 2004 undergraduate degrees in geography and Spanish from Colgate University.


In the years between Colgate and law school, his work included being a legislative assistant for former Senator Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) in 2004-2006. Then he was a staffer for the Senate Health Education Labor and Pensions Committee during 2005-2006.


He worked in congressional relations at the International Code Counsel in 2007 before overseeing media operations for New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania on the late John McCain's presidential campaign. After that, he served as a legal associate with the National Republican Congressional Committee before going to law school.