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Monday May 11, 2020

Four New Comments Address CPSC's FY2021/FY2022 Priorities

CPSC got four additional comments addressing its agenda and priorities for FY2021 and FY2022. Those years begin Octobers of 2020 and 2021, respectively. The input – meant to inform agency planning – is at

  • Retail Industry Leaders Association urged five activities: continued improvement of data ability, including "formalization and expansion of the Retailer Reporting Program; movement of import surveillance towards a Trusted Trader program linked to CBP's similar activity; focus on emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things; giving attention to products for which lack or lag of standards is leading to patchwork state and local rules; and piloting a tiered recall system to ensure that corrective actions with the highest risks get the most attention.

  • Consumer Federation of America noted that some reports on injury and death estimates have not been updated in a few years, so said such tasks should get higher priority. Other topics included window coverings, crib bumpers and infant sleep products, flame retardants, connected products, liquid nicotine, electric scooters, portable generators, senior safety, high powered magnets, furniture tipovers, laundry packets, ROVs/ATVs, returning to more use of penalties, easing 6(b) restrictions, improving recall effectiveness, maintaining attention to Section 104 rules, and improving

  • Kids in Danger wrote that CPSC should ensure it is addressing risks made more likely due to long-term stay-at-home practices under COVID-19, naming examples that ranged from tipping furniture to ingestions (magnets, laundry packets, and button batteries) to window cords and window falls. The group listed other concerns like ensuring adequate CPSC funding, continued work on Section 104 rulemakings, improving both product registrations and recall response, improvements to, and easing access to agency information.

  • An unaffiliated commenter urged CPSC to look at the priorities of the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (PSL, 3/30/20). He pointed to issues like ATVs, button batteries, infant sleep products, ecommerce, interconnected devices and others, as well as issues outside of CPSC jurisdiction like airbags and firearms.

There also was one incoherent and off-topic comment. CPSC had extended the comment period to May 1 after canceling its April 15 priorities hearing due to COVID-19 (PSL, 4/13/20). It did get input from two commenters wanting attention to counterfeits, garment labels, Fast Track recalls, and air fresheners. Overall, including off-topic ones, the agency received eight comments in the two rounds.


The hearing now is set for May 27, and it will be virtual (see related story in this issue).