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Monday February 01, 2021

Canada Enforcement Reports Cover Five Product Categories

Five cyclical enforcement reports made available in late January by Health Canada combined for 23 recalls out of 151 products tests. Also occurring were various other compliance actions available to the agency. The reports addressed:

  • Chemicals: Most (48 of 60) reviews for corrosivity, flammability, labeling, pH, and viscosity issues led to actions. – 12 recalls, one stop sale, 23 stop distributions, two corrections, and 10 commitments to address noncompliance. Recalls mostly involved flammable and/or toxic classification labeling or skin-bonding warnings. Others mostly involved classification and labeling. Products ranged from glues to cleaners to paints/coatings. See

  • Cribs/Cradles/Bassinets: All 16 assessments for various violations resulted in actions – one stop sale, seven stop distributions, and eight commitments to address noncompliance. The stop sale was for an entrapment risk. Stop distribution concerns involved assembly, entanglement, fasteners, labeling, open holes, structural integrity, and slat strength. Commitments mostly were for labeling, but one each involved entanglement, fasteners and open hole concerns. See the details at

  • Expansion Gates/Enclosures: More than half of the 14 tested products needed attention – two recalls and two commitments from the companies to address noncompliance stemmed from reviews for various issues. One recall was for barium concentrations. The other was for barium plus labeling and open hole mandates. The commitments mostly involved labeling and instructions, but open hole issued showed up in two. See

  • Surface Coating: One recall resulted from reviews of 31 products for compliance with lead rules for products intended for children. The June 2020 recall was for table and stool sets. Products ranged from furniture to nightlights to toy bins to piggy banks. See

  • Toys: Nine of 30 tests resulted in actions – eight recalls and one stop sales. Four of the recalls involved boric acid concentrations in slime, and the rest were for sharp points and/or small parts. The stop sale involved a cartoon dog figure due to small parts. See the details at