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Monday June 07, 2021

CPSC FY2022 Appropriations Request Is $170M; Spending $185M Possible

CPSC could spend $185 million in FY2022 under the May 28 federal budget request. The appropriation sought is $170 million, which compares to $135 million given for FY2021 (PSL, 1/4/21). The numbers do not reflect an extra $50 million given in the March stimulus act (PSL, 3/15/21) and available for five years for imports and surveillance work. Funding would fall short of a $280 million range targeted by Acting Chairman Bob Adler in a letter to the Office of Management and Budget (PSL, 3/1/21). He additionally had sought a one-time $90 million influx.


The FY2022 request ( also would increase staffing levels to 597 full-time equivalents compared to the 516-551 vicinity for the prior two years. Personnel compensation in FY2022 would take up $77 million of the total.


Meanwhile, CPSC's report ( on its budget request, also issued May 28, showed the agency's plans for a $170 million appropriation. It explained that the extra $35 million over its current $135 million funding would go to:

  • Salaries and Benefits: $3.3 million will be needed simply to maintain its 539 FTE staffing level, especially due to a pay raise directive from OMB.

  • Inflation: $1.2 million would cover an estimated 2% rise in other existing expenses.

  • Import Surveillance: $8.3 million would go to work on ecommerce ($1.9 million), expanded port coverage ($1.1 million), lab and compliance support of ports work ($2.6 million), enhanced targeting/screening systems ($1.6 million), and other operational support ($1.1 million).

  • Hazard Identification: $16.1 million would go to improved research ability ($6.5 million), chronic chemical hazards ($4.5 million), artificial intelligence ($3.5 million), and improved data collection ($1.6 million).

  • Internet Surveillance: $1.5 million would support expansions and eight new FTEs dedicated to this task.

  • Communications: $1.6 million would support expanded safety campaigns and four new FTEs.

  • Operations: $4.1 million would go to technology needs ($2.1 million), recruitment ($1.5 million), and FoIA improvements ($500,000).

  • Inspector General: $200,000 and one new FTE would put this office in line with the rest of CPSC's funding.

  • VGB Grants: $1.3 million would go to the agency's pot of available funds.

The agency also made available the commission vote record ( on the budget request. It passed 3-1, with Commissioner Peter Feldman voting no. Additionally, Commissioner Elliot Kaye sought an amendment that would have lowered the communications increase to $600,000, redirecting $1 million to defect investigations and civil penalty enforcement. It failed.


Attached to the May 18 vote record was a statement by Feldman that there should have been more increases in port inspectors and that he was displeased with the process.