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Monday November 28, 2022

Infant Neck Floats Are Latest to Get Unilateral CPSC Warning

CPSC November 22 continued its recent run of unilateral warnings by urging against use of Lumi and Mini infant flotation neck rings from Otteroo. The agency said it knows of one death and one serious injury among 68 know incidents with the products that sold since January 2014. CPSC explained that "Otteroo has refused to agree to CPSC's request for an acceptable recall." The concern is infants' heads slipping out of the rings.


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To fulfill 6(b) obligations, CPSC summarized the firm's objections:

"[T]he firm states Otteroo neck floats come with thorough safety instructions and warnings which, if followed, will ensure safe use. The firm states that these warnings make it clear that neck floats are meant to be used under close and constant adult supervision. The firm states that like all inflatables, Otteroo neck floats are subject to damage, including holes which will result in deflation. Otteroo states that it instructs parents to check for air leaks before each use because deflation can pose a drowning hazard if the adult is not within arm's reach of the baby at all times. The firm states that while it is deeply saddened by the two events mentioned in the press release, it appears that in both incidents, the infants were left alone in the bath for an extended period of time. The firm states that furthermore, there are inconsistencies and limited evidence concerning whether Otteroo neck floats were directly responsible."

Commissioner Richard Trumka, pointing to a June 2022 FDA warning (PSL, 7/4/22) that infant neck floats are a drowning risk, wrote (

"New parents are bombarded with advertising claiming that baby products of all kinds will make their lives easier and keep their babies safe. Parents should know that CPSC does not evaluate those claims, which are often misleading. Neck-floaties for babies are not recommended for water therapy, and are especially dangerous for babies with special needs."

This was CPSC's fourth unilateral announcement of November. Others involved infant loungers, self-balancing skateboards (see related story in this issue), and bounce houses. Earlier ones in 2022 targeted infant rescue bags, adult bedrails, and electric unicycles.