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Monday June 07, 2021

CPSC FY2022 Appropriations Request Is $170M; Spending $185M Possible

CPSC could spend $185 million in FY2022 under the May 28 federal budget request. The appropriation sought is $170 million, which compares to $135 million given for FY2021 (PSL, 1/4/21). The numbers do not reflect an extra $50 million given in the March stimulus act (PSL, 3/15/21) and available for five years for imports and surveillance work. Funding would fall short of a $280 million range targeted by Acting Chairman Bob Adler in a letter to the Office of Management and Budget (PSL, 3/1/21). He additionally had sought a one-time $90 million influx.


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CPSC FY2022 Appropriations Request Is $170M; Spending $185M Possible


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The FY2022 request ( also would increase staffing levels to 597 full-time equivalents compared to the 516-551 vicinity for the prior two years. Personnel compensation in FY2022 would take up $77 million of the total. The request cites these goals:

"In FY 2022, CPSC will focus on the highest priority risks to consumers by expanding its hazard identification portfolio and adapting to consumer marketplace changes resulting from the expansion of e-commerce with enhanced internet surveillance. The CPSC will continue to build a robust import surveillance and targeting system to better identify and stop non-compliant or defective products from entering the U.S. market at ports of entry, and expand to locations with the highest volume of de minimis shipments. CPSC will enhance its outreach and communication efforts and expand data collections and analytical tools, particularly focusing on safety disparities among vulnerable populations."

Meanwhile, CPSC's report ( on its budget request, also issued May 28, showed the agency's plans for a $170 million appropriation. Some monetary requests are related to fulfilling mandates in the recovery act. The agency explained that the extra $35 million over its current $135 million funding would go to:

  • Salaries and Benefits: $3.3 million will be needed simply to maintain its 539 FTE staffing level, especially due to a pay raise directive from OMB.

  • Inflation: $1.2 million would cover an estimated 2% rise in other existing expenses.

  • Import Surveillance: $8.3 million would go to work on ecommerce ($1.9 million), expanded port coverage ($1.1 million), lab and compliance support of ports work ($2.6 million), enhanced targeting/screening systems ($1.6 million), and other operational support ($1.1 million).

  • Hazard Identification: $16.1 million would go to improved research ability ($6.5 million), chronic chemical hazards ($4.5 million), artificial intelligence ($3.5 million), and improved data collection ($1.6 million).

  • Internet Surveillance: $1.5 million would support expansions and eight new FTEs dedicated to this task.

  • Communications: $1.6 million would support expanded safety campaigns and four new FTEs.

  • Operations: $4.1 million would go to technology needs ($2.1 million), recruitment ($1.5 million), and FoIA improvements ($500,000).

  • Inspector General: $200,000 and one new FTE would put this office in line with the rest of CPSC's funding.

  • VGB Grants: $1.3 million would go to the agency's pot of available funds.

The agency also made available the commission vote record ( on the budget request. It passed 3-1, with Commissioner Peter Feldman voting no. Additionally, Commissioner Elliot Kaye sought an amendment that would have lowered the communications increase to $600,000, redirecting $1 million to defect investigations and civil penalty enforcement. It failed.


Attached to the May 18 vote record was a statement by Feldman that there should have been more increases in port inspectors and that he was displeased with the process.